Whistle Blowing System &
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Whistle Blowing System (WBS)

To implement the principles of Good Corporate Governance, WIKA Beton has committed itself to establishing a Whistleblowing System that serves as a tool for prevention, disclosure of infringements or fraud within the Company as set forth in the Work Instruction Code Of Conduct Violation Procedure (Whistle Blowing System) No. WB-GCG-PS-02  dated September 03, 2018.

The Company already has a Whistleblowing System functioning as a deep facility prevention



Abuse of Authority

Abuse of Authority

Code of Ethics &</br>Harrassment

Code of Ethics &

The effectiveness of the implementation of the whistleblowing system (WBS) is also a major concern of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of the Company. The Company has a Whistleblowing System that functions as a means of preventing, disclosing violations or acts of fraud within the Company, including Insider Trading, Fraud, Money Laundrying, Anti Bribery and Corruption (ABC), discrimination and other irregularities. The Company has developed a Whistleblowing System (WBS) mechanism which has a complaint media, namely through a special email via https://wbs.wika-beton.co.id/ and the establishment of a special party to handle complaints. Regarding the handling of complaints, the Compliance Team and/or the Anti-Bribery Compliance Function has conducted selection, confirmation (from the aspect of the category of violation type, who committed it and the completeness of the documents) and verification, as well as deciding whether the report will be followed up or archived. The Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors provide direction so that the effectiveness of WBS implementation continues to be improved.

Violation Report Submission

Every WIKA Beton employee can submit a report regarding alleged violations of the Code of Conduct to the Company via https://wbs.wika-beton.co.id/.The Compliance Team will receive and follow up on the complaint but there are several important things that must be considered:

The Board of Directors establishes and determines the Compliance Team, FKAP and the Employee Honorary Council. The Compliance Team, FKAP and the Honorary Council of Employees will be given the same protection as the Reporting Party. Protection against retaliation, pressure, threats both physically, psychologically, administratively and legal prosecution.

Each reporter’s identity and report material must be kept confidential and given protection for the confidentiality of the reporter’s identity and reporting material in accordance with the confidentiality protection mechanism and there will be sanctions given for those who leak the identity of the reporter and report material.

The use of anonymous letters (anonymous letters) will be treated as initial information where the follow-up will depend on the level of confidence of the Compliance Team and FKAP on the truth of the substance of the reported problem.

The Board of Directors and management of the company are required to provide protection, including administrative immunity to whistleblowers against retaliation, pressure, or threats either physically, psychologically, administratively, career protection or legal prosecution.

Every report of violations and or irregularities must meet the impartiality of ethnicity, race, religion and class and not be slanderous and or false reports.


Gratuities are the giving / receiving of money / the equivalent of money, goods, discounts, commissions, interest-free loans, travel tickets, lodging facilities, tours, free medical treatment, and other facilities of any amount, whether received domestically or abroad, and conducted by electronic means or without electronic means by WIKA Personnel related to their authority / position in the Company, so that it may cause a conflict of interest in the future. Gratification control in WIKA Beton has been regulated in No. Doc: WIKA-GCG-IK-02.02 Rev 00 Amd 04 concerning Gratuity Control Work Instructions dated January 11, 2023.

Limitation Regarding Allowed Gifts

The giving of gifts / souvenirs and / or banquets and / or entertainment is permissible so long as the gift is intended to foster good relations within the limits of fairness and to pay attention to equal relations (such as between friends and neighbors), with mutual respect and not aiming to bribe the party concerned with the intention of giving something to the Company that is not legally entitled to the Company and the frequency of such giving may not be too frequent as to lead to the assumption of a person doing something behind the giving.

Gifts / souvenirs in the form of goods intended for promotion of the Company shall use the logo of the Company as an integral part of the goods concerned (the Company’s logo on the goods can not be removed).

The granting of a meeting honorarium to a Third Party, is allowed as an appreciation for the contribution of thought and expertise that has been given to the Company on the official invitation of the Company, provided that the giving of the honorarium is not prohibited in the code of conduct or internal regulations of the Third Party Agency.

Any grant made, should be recorded, with a completed form filled by the employee concerned as the party of the giver and known by the direct supervisor and the Corporate Secretary.


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